Sasha Puchalla

Sasha Puchalla is an actor, singer, and photographer based in Los Angeles. Hailing from the Colorado Rockies, Sasha is earthy, mysterious, compassionate, and loves Oxford commas. Available for travel worldwide.


Zoey—High School Senior

Intelligent, driven, and guarded, Zoey has always been the straight-edge, goody-two-shoes teacher’s pet, and she is devastated to find out she has been rejected from Stanford, her dream school, even though she did everything right. She rebels by dating the troubled Cameron, and is surprised when she finds herself actually falling for him, against her better judgment. Picture her on 13 Reasons Why or How to Get Away with Murder.

Cora—22 to 24yo

Wise, enigmatic and compassionate. Cora is the kind of girl who is always alone, but no one understands why. She meets Ben when she not-so-accidentally steals his latte at that hip new place downtown and refuses to apologize. He finds her carefree and passionate spirit magnetic, which makes it that much more painful when she runs away with Charlie. Think Stranger Things or New Girl. **Must have excellent singing voice.


Frankie—College Student

Meek, witty, and a little snarky. Frankie spends most of her time crushing the other loners and rejects in Call of Duty. The gang is flabbergasted and impressed when she reveals her real-life encyclopedic knowledge of high-tech weaponry and espionage tactics, so they reluctantly allow her to tag along on the heist, despite her tendency to micro-manage. Anna Kendrick’s pep meets Ariel Winter’s intellect.

Margaret—23 to 25yo

Sharp, charismatic, and cutthroat. Margaret is the firm’s brilliant new intern, but after only 3 weeks, she is already making her bid for the throne. She appears to have her shit together, but underneath the surface she is hiding some serious insecurities. While her unapologetic and ambitious pursuit of her goals makes her seem manipulative and snobby, she is still somehow charming and relatable. Perfect for Suits or Scream Queens.


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