Sasha Puchalla

Sasha Puchalla is an actor, singer, and photographer based in Los Angeles. Hailing from the Colorado Rockies, Sasha is earthy, mysterious, compassionate, and loves Oxford commas. Available for travel worldwide.

"Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?"

Henry David Thoreau

Even as a young child, Sasha was always wandering around barefoot, endlessly astonished by the fact of our existence. What a weirdo. She starred in her first theatre role at age 5, playing a character with her mother’s name. In a way, that serendipitous role gave birth to her life as a performer. She took this for the universal signal it obviously was and began attending a classical conservatory to study opera, ballet, and theatre, where she worked until she graduated high school.

During her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University, the magic of film enveloped Sasha, and she knew she’d found her purpose. Committed to living a life of service, she believes film has the power to spread connection and compassion through shared, visceral experiences of another human being’s story. Whether it’s in front of the camera or behind, her mission is to tell authentic, meaningful stories that both entertain audiences and challenge our thinking and perspectives as humans.

When she isn’t telling stories onscreen, Sasha is telling them visually in her work as a creative director, photographer, and graphic designer. She specializes in brand identities and content creation for career artists, creative visionaries, and small businesses.

In addition to her role in production for White, Sasha and her writing partner are in pre-production for their new web series, starring Sasha as the most awkward millennial vampire LA has ever known.

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